ProYouth Nutrition – First Time Exhibiting Ever!

ProYouth Nutrition – First Time Exhibiting Ever!

About The Founder

Marina Wegorek, 45, is the founder and CEO of ProYouth Nutrition, a category disrupter in sports nutrition for young athletes.

Born in a tiny village called Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Marina was a war victim, who fled her hometown at the age of 8 to escape the terrors of civil war & political unrest. She qualified as a Chartered Certified (ACCA) and Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) she moved to the UK aged 22 spending nearly 18 years of her career life in Banking. 

Now married to Polish born husband Przemek, the best role she says is being the cheerleader mum to her active children Ava, 10 & Alec, 6 who love their multiple activities including swimming, athletics, cricket, football, music, drama & instruments. Having suffered with digestive & health issues in her 20s, in her quest to feel better, she changed her diet & fitness choices. Today in her 40s she says she feels more energetic & youthful than she ever felt in her 20s juggling work, home, kids’ busy schedules & community work.

The idea behind the brand

Proyouth Nutrition was born from Marina’s experience as a mother being unsatisfied by healthy snacking options available to active, sporty kids. During her daughter’s first swimming gala, she was shocked to see canteens offering sweets, chocolate & energy drinks, which were high in refined sugars or artificial sweeteners that were linked to detrimental effects in blood glucose levels in later life. Additionally, afterschool rush to sports activities were often a rush and led to poor snacking choices. It was not practical to offer large plates of meals which will make children feeling slugging and too full. Speaking to other parents, Marina realised they too were looking for a convenient but nutritional snack to offer to children before and after sporting activity.  Adult sports nutrition snacks were not an option, as they contained ingredients that were not suitable or in safe levels for children. 

Adult sports /protein bars are formulated with the nutritional needs of adults who have mature digestive system that can cope with larger amounts of protein & calories. However, if a child consumes high levels of protein or calories formulated for adults, it can cause stomach cramps & even to impact the young athlete’s performance during physical activity. Young people have different nutritional needs to adults. They need different amounts of protein, carbohydrates & other nutrients, a difference which most companies in the fitness industry fail to even acknowledge, let alone cater for.

Marina saw a real need for alternative options for active children & sought the help of a team of leading applied sports & exercise scientists & nutritional experts. She wanted to apply a scientific lens to products formulation that looked at long term health benefits not a short-term fix. 

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What makes you stand out?

Proyouth is Europe first ever range of performance snacks which is backed by science and research and nutritionally profiled for the needs for youth athletes and active children.

In formulating our bars, we looked at multiple health benefits not just those support physical energy levels, minimise fatigue, support with oxygen flow when being very active but we also considered the cognitive and mental wellbeing of children. Additionally, we considered the difference in children’s gut microbiome and glycogen stores which are also different to adults as they are still maturing.

By working with team of Sports and Exercise Scientists and Nutritional experts we created our bars with unique mix of natural nutrients that provide 18+ benefits including supporting mental focus, energy release, recovery, immune support & are also gut friendly. 

The bars are not only high in protein, carbs but also contain the essential Vitamins & minerals to support both mental and physical performance. The nutrients come from natural wholefoods ingredients and not added artificially – No empty calories or sugar crashes. 

We pride ourselves in being ‘not another protein bar’ but a science and research backed nutrient dense snack-on-the go made with high quality natural ingredients with long-term health benefits paving the way for a new generation of healthy, educated & active children!  

Why have you decided to exhibit at TASTE first?

Brand is made by the people behind the brand. Our first intro to the founder of TASTE, Heerum Fleary came was via Sugar Wise another charity that shares the values as our brand. When we heard about TASTE, we knew it was a fantastic, current, affordable, and relevant way for brands to still participate and showcase their innovative products at virtual exhibitions in the new norm world.  TASTE will be our first expo and we are delighted to be featured amongst other key brands within the Kids/youth category.

We cannot wait for the event and are looking forward to meeting buyers and key stakeholders. 

Where are products available from in the UK?

In the UK, our products are available to buy directly from our website ,Amazon,, We are also in the process of finalising our listing via London based independent grocers, deli stores and health food stores such as Simply Fresh, Village Organic, and Seasons + Blossoms and via Decathlon Marketplace. 

Additionally, we are becoming the trusted youth nutrition partner for many sporting clubs and communities, where we are successfully collaborating with gymnastics clubs, fitness clubs, karate clubs, BMX clubs etc around the UK. 

Want to know more? Contact:

Marina Wegorek – ProYouth Founder

Phillip Wood – ProYouth Business Development Manager

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