Fredge Munchers – First Time Exhibiting Ever!

About Founders 

As mums ourselves (they’re all in their 20s now!!) we know that trying to encourage kids to eat healthily can be sometimes difficult. We’re both in the food sector and very much about healthy eating so during a discussion about healthy snacking for children we started to discuss more generally how kids are influenced by characters and mascots however even today there are still lots of unhealthy kid’s food and drink high in fat, sugar, and salt. The idea then went from there and we now have a bunch of amazing kids characters on a very important mission!

George was the first, a cheeky plant-eating dragon who loves his veggies and to show off his cooking skills to his pals! Next came Skipping Pippin; as her name suggests a keen skipper and lover of anything active. George and Pippin were then joined by the adorable planet-protecting twins, Bumble and Bea who you’ll typically find outdoors in the garden or on a nature hunt in the park, or just having lots of fun in the fresh air!

Then with a little help from our, now business partners who have produced animations for Disney and the BBC, The FREDGE MUNCHERS were born!  

The original idea was just to make The FREDGE MUNCHERS into a TV show however thinking about the absolute necessities for a healthy diet for kids – fruit and veg – we changed our thinking and set about developing our first product which would directly help to encourage eating more fruits and veg. In April 2021 we launched The FREDGE BOX, (FREDGE = FRUIT AND VEG) – a box filled with freshly farmed fruit and veg also containing fun recipes and activities all related to healthy eating, being active, and saving the planet – a fruit and veg box kids will love! 

The idea behind the brand

The FREDGE MUNCHERS is all about making healthy fun however behind all the fun we’re trying to convey an important message to kids.  The fact is that the majority of kids still don’t eat the recommended number of fruits and veg and childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate. We know that children’s habits are formed at an early age and encouraging more children to eat healthily and adopt healthy lifestyle habits is crucial to their future wellbeing. We also know that kids love animated characters and can be heavily influenced by them, so by associating our characters with all things good we want to positively influence kids.   

We also wanted to be a brand that gives back so for every purchase we’ll be donating to a children’s charity.  Our chosen charity this year is Magic breakfast, an amazing charity that provides healthy school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

What makes you stand out?

What’s unique about our fruit and veg box? Well, by combining the very best produce with a range of fun and healthy activities endorsed by a bunch of wonderful kids’ characters, we’ve managed to take something that kids don’t generally see as something to look forward to into something far more exciting and interactive! 

As well as healthy produce which goes towards helping the whole family meet their five a day, kids and parents alike love the health-related activities like conjuring up fun dishes with fruits, making veggie-packed pizzas, or growing cress and of course, they love our starring characters – The FREDGE MUNCHERS!

We haven’t seen anyone else in the market combining healthy, fresh produce with fun and games so that makes us truly unique and we’re already building up a loyal following of Instagram parents and their excited little consumers!


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Why have you decided to exhibit at TASTE first?

Our recent soft launch designed to test the market went amazingly well with literally thousands of positive comments from families.  Recognising the success of previous events by Innoveat and knowing several brands who’ve exhibited and who gave us fantastic feedback we decided TASTE would be an ideal platform to showcase both The FREDGE MUNCHERS and The FREDGE BOX to the wider market and of course relevant buyers who we’d love to partner with in the future to help spread the “healthy” message to their little customers.

Where are products available from in the UK

You can find The FREDGE BOX online at

Want to know more?Contact:   Karen Hammond,

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